The Community Plan is a tool used for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of the town. The plan will serve as official policy for the Town of Huntersville and detail our vision, goals, policies and strategies to manage growth, define and reinforce its identity and character and provide high quality public facilities and services for all citizens.

A public process will develop a shared vision and goals for the future. The last Community Plan update was completed in 2011, and much has changed! This update will provide an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to look back and review progress that has been made, and think forward to weigh in on the priorities and vision for our Town. 

How Does This Relate To Me?

The Community Plan impacts where you live, work and play, how you get around, the character of our Town, our tree save and water quality protection efforts, our future businesses and more! Visit the "Get Involved" page now and look for opportunities to have a share.

Who Is Involved?

Steering Committee

John Carbonell, Chairman

Kim Aichele

Tim Bender

Ross Boner

Randy Brawley

Chris Edwards

John Forehand

Erin Gillespie

Scott Harrington

Joshua Helm

Kristen Ingram

Dan Murphy

Eric Rowell

Kaitlyn Sisson

George Solomon

Plan Ambassadors

Bruce Anderson

Cynthia Banks

Meg Betzel

Cherisse Carrington

Elder Colter

A Deloney

Victoria Jankoski

Julie Kelly

Kevin Kolle

Pk Major Ksor

Michael Kulikowski

Kate Labadorf

Kathy Lewis

Patrick Love

Ese Love

Sarah McAuley

Derek Partess

William Ramsey

Joe Sailers

Kathy Snow

Angie Stay

Tracy Walter

Cassandra Williams

Louise Zullo

Town of Huntersville Staff

Dave Hill, Senior Planner & Project Manager

Jack Simoneau, Planning Director

Bill Coxe, Transportation Director


Jake Petrosky, Project Manager

Jay McLeod, Land Planning & Design

Meg Nealon, Land Planning & Design

Jonathan Whitehurst, Transportation Planning

Jessica Rossi, Economic Development

Town of Huntersville Board of Commissioners

Mayor John Anarella

Melinda Bales, Mayor Pro-Tem

Commissioner Dan Boone

Commissioner Brian Hines

Commissioner Lance Munger

Commissioner Stacy Phillips

Commissioner Nick Walsh

Town of Huntersville Planning Board

Jennifer Davis, Planning Board Chairman

Stephen Swanick, Planning Board Vice Chairman

Greg Baber

Harold Bankirer

Frank Gammon

Catherine Graffy

Scott Hensley

Jeff Sny

Susan Thomas